ToutPetit Marketing

Do German and French mothers share the same view on breastfeeding? And what about Dutch mums-to-be?

International brands that want to enter the European baby and child market face the difficult task of standing out from the crowd. As no continent is as diverse as is Europe.

“Besides 23 official languages, each region in this vast continent has its own cultural identity and ever so many views on motherhood, which affect European mothers’ decision making processes. ‘Think global, act local’ will prove to be a real challenge in becoming a household name.” 

In order to correctly position your brand in the minds of the ever growing target group of mums and mothers-to-be deep local market knowledge and cultural awareness is crucial. Studio ToutPetit operates from various locations within Europe. Local team members with a thorough understanding of the market and of young European families are at your disposal. Whether you are looking for a tailormade market report, need help in localizing your marketing campaign or organising your marketing events in Europa, contact us!