ToutPetit Sales

Beyond manufacturing outstanding baby and children’s products, finding the right SALES AGENT(S) / distribution partner(s) in continental Europe can turn out to be quite challenging.

Studio ToutPetit Sales services seeks out to find the best distribution partners or sales agents for your products in the European region of your choice. This is how we operate:

  • Stage 1: We aim to comprehend who you are, your way of doing business, your expectations and business goals. Our analysis will result in a shortlist of potential sales agents / distribution partners suited to your brand.
  • Stage 2: We present these companies which in our opinion are the best candidates to distribute your products in the target countries. We will trigger them a first time by mailing your product portfolio, getting in touch with them and following up on our discussions. It now is time to meet them!
  • Stage 3: Studio ToutPetit organises ’meet & greet’ sessions between you and the potential sales agents / distributors. At this stage, we can arrange for additional on demand support by representing you or assisting in negotiations, translations, transport and/or legal advice.
  • Stage 4: Once you have selected the partner of your choice, Studio ToutPetit supports you and the sales agent / distributor in getting launched in the target region. Studio ToutPetit communicates the distributor agreement to trade press, product information to consumer press and contacts first sales points.